We Glorify God by Living Holy & Making Disciples of all Nations.

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Eighty-five years ago, God saw fit to call into existence, our Church. God has used us to make an impact on the lives of our membership and the world by:

  • counseling families in need of restoration;
  • providing spiritual direction for those that were lost;
  • assisting in the financial needs of those that were lacking;
  • paying off the BGE bills of all members;
  • covering one month rent/mortgage for all who were members;
  • adopting and providing monthly financial support to the Parkdene Baptist Church in George, South Africa;
  • financially supporting missionaries on the mission field;
  • and much more. 

We are blessed now to be located in the Northwest section of the City, but our ministry influence stretches around the world. We have truly become the church that ‘glorifies God by living holy, and making disciples of all nations’. The community in which we are now located looks to our Church to help supply many of their everyday physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. And it is by the power of God and your generous giving, that we are being used in that way.

Several years ago, God allowed us to build our Family Life Center, whose doors are open to help meet the needs of our members and our community at large. At a cost of $2.1 million, this facility has been used to help change the lives of many individuals. But God is calling us to MAKE A GREATER IMPACT. Currently, there is a balance due of approximately $1.1 million dollars (monthly payment of $16 thousand). Once we eliminate this balance, it will free our hands to MAKE A GREATER IMPACT for the Kingdom of God, locally and abroad.

Our hands will be free financially to MAKE A GREATER IMPACT:

1. on our Membership by:

  • making the necessary maintenance and upgrades to our current facility;
  • offering a wider range of life enrichment programs;
  • allowing an upgrade to our Transportation Ministry to better serve our membership; and
  • upgrading our technology in areas of security, and the worship experience.

2. on our Community by:

  • providing access to everyday essentials (i.e. food, medications, BGE, etc.);
  • expanding our counseling services in order to appropriately meet mental and emotional issues;
  • offering life enrichment programs (i.e. GED classes, financial literacy programs, etc.)
  • beginning the development of Church owned property, to possibly include a Community Center, Child and Adult Day Care services, and alike.

3. on the World Abroad by:

  • maintaining; with the possibility of increasing; our impact, in the monthly financial support to our sister Church in South Africa;
  • increasing our giving to the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention;
  • looking for opportunities to support more missionaries currently on the mission field; and
  • spreading the saving knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ to all persons regardless of their location.

In a few weeks we will launch a two year Capital Funds Initiative entitled PROJECT GREATER IMPACT’. The purpose of this initiative is simple: to free us from the limitations and constraints that are impeding our goal of making disciples of all nations, and to free us for MAKING A GREATER IMPACT in the lives of those God is calling us to reach locally and internationally.

That is why I am asking you today for your help, support and prayers as we undertake this initiative that will shape the Church’s impact for decades to come. 

God is calling us to not just make an impact but to MAKE A GREATER IMPACT!

Click here to donate towards Project Greater Impact!