Security Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Robert D. Weatherford Jr.

Our purpose is to serve our heavenly Father and his people prayerfully by providing security and courtesy services to our members, visitors and neighbors. We do these things with a servant’s heart and hands.

Ministry Leader:  LOUIS CURRY, III

The Photography Ministry provides photography services for special events on behalf of the Bishop, GTBC News, and events in support of members, ministries, and various church programs. Photographic services may also be conducted in support of the GTBC family and community at other church related venues.

Ministry Leader: Amy Diggins

The Sunday morning nursery provides an opportunity for parents to participate in worship while their children are in a fun and loving environment that is suitable for them.  The nursery accepts children ages 0-4 years.

GTBC Missionaries
Ministry Leader: Zeevelle Nottingham-Lemon

We educate the church about important global issues and how the church can make a difference in the world. We arrange opportunities for the church to serve and spread the Gospel through various mission projects and events. We engage in benevolence, service, and evangelism ministry at home and abroad.

Youth and Young Adult Ushers
Ministry Leaders: Sarah Newsome, Louella Smith, Delveeta Scarborough and Scott Rice

Youth Ushers serve both the 7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. services on the second and fifth Sundays, all youth services, and, as requested, at other services. Youth Ushers distribute church bulletins, greet and allow parishioners to enter at the appropriate times and aid in helping them locate seats. 

G.T.B.C. Summer Day Camp
Ministry Leaders: Rev. Sirlilar J. Stokes, Minister Kimya Bell, Sister Kelly Kennedy, and Sister Celeste Moore
The G.T.B.C. Summer Day Camp is an outreach ministry that provides education, recreation, and religious instruction in a safe and Christ-like environment for members and its community. It is our desire that for the five weeks of operation, that the campers are in our care; they will receive nurturing, love, academic and religious instruction, and an opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We, the entire staff, strive to be ambassadors for Christ and exemplify His attributes as we live, walk and talk on a daily basis.

E.D.G.E. Youth Ministry (ages 12-17)
Ministry Leader: Reverend Daniel Kennedy
The E.D.G.E. Youth Ministry seeks to CONNECT youth to God, to help them GROW as disciples of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to SERVE using the gifts God has given them. We do this through Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, and Evangelism.

GTBC Children’s Church (grades 1-5)
Ministry Leader: Reverend Daniel Kennedy
The GTBC Children’s Church seek to help children understand who God is and what He wants for their lives by presenting the Gospel at a level in which they can understand. We have service every 2nd and 3rd Sunday at both 7:30am and 11am services in the Fellowship Hall of the Family Life Center.

Anointed Hands Ministry
Ministry Leaders:  Dedra Wilcher (president) Sandra Rice (vice president)
The Anointed Hands Ministry is a ministry that facilitates the communication between the Deaf and Hearing members of GTBC and community. Our goals are to provide continuous service of interpreting for the Deaf and Hearing throughout the various services, outreach ministry if desired and assist in facilitating the active participation in all areas of service for the Lord.

Baby Sitters Ministry
Ministry Leaders : Dedra Wilcher and Jasmine Wilcher
The Baby Sitter Ministry of GTBC is a group of responsible young people ages 13-18, who is required to be certified in CPR, First Aid and Baby sitting. They provide child care services to any and all ministry meetings and functions upon request.

GTBC Diamonds (ages 55 and up)
Ministry Leader: Weezie Lockett
The GTBC Diamonds help to build nurturing relationships between the church body and the seniors in the community by prayers and a helping hand.

Young Men of Character (ages 11-17)
Ministry Leaders: Danny Diggins, Robert McCullough, James Wilcher, Andre Turner, and Larry Sutton
We educate and encourage young men to be of a pure character, to use the word of God to establish boundaries and values for their daily living, to share the experiences of mature saints without personally encountering the pain of shame of poor decisions, and to become living examples for their peers as they walk in the Light of Christ.

Bulletin Board
Ministry Leaders: Ceeste Moore and Margaret Allen
We serve the church by keeping boards up to date and coveying a spiritual message.

Ministry Leader: Reverend Elliott Rice
We provide the weekly announcements in a video format.

Health Ministry
Ministry Leader: Gail Cook
We administer to the health needs of the congregation.

Strings of Hope (crocheting ministry)
Ministry Leader: Vanessa Rogers
We share the love of God and evangelize via items made to share comfort to others.

Empowered Women of GTBC
Ministry Leader: Barbara Mott
We assist women in applying the word of God to their lives so they can become the women God created them to be.